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February 2018

Lycopene and Tomatoes in Human Nutrition and Health.

Lycopene is a potent antioxidant carotenoid found in fruits and vegetables; particularly high amounts exist in red tomatoes. It is not an essential nutrient for humans, but can be a potential therapeutic agent for preventing several human diseases. Since the publication of the previous book on lycopene, extensive advances have been made with respect to the role of lycopene and tomatoes in human health. Whereas the initial focus of research was on cancer, Lycopene and Tomatoes in Human Nutrition and Health represents the next major step in documenting advances in understanding the chemistry, bioavailability, metabolism; mechanisms of action of lycopene; and its role in preventing human diseases other than cancer as discussed in the various chapters of the book. Available on april 2018.

Lycopene and Tomatoes in Human Nutrition and Health book cover

The book includes chapters that discuss genetic polymorphisms; and lycopene’s relationship to cardiovascular diseases, cardiometabolic diseases, bone health, and other health disorders including male infertility, skin diseases, respiratory disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. The book includes information addressing regulatory aspects of natural health products and, in particular lycopene, presenting industrial insights. The contents of the book are selected carefully to provide the readers with the most current information available on lycopene and tomato bioactives.

Information and reservations:

March 2017

Martinete’s products "Gluten Free" and "Lactose Free".

Conservas Martinete wants to transfer all the specific information of its products as part of its commitment to its customers. That is why we point out that our products Crushed Tomatoes,  Peeled Plum Tomatoes in Juice, Fried Tomato, Tomato Paste and Tomato Pizza Sauce DO NOT CONTAIN GLUTEN OR LACTOSE.

We inform that none of our products contain any allergens listed in Annex II of EU Regulation 1169/2011, which specifies substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances.

January 2017

Crushed Tomato MARTINETE even more quality

Crushed Tomato MARTINETE  is a natural product, made from selected fresh tomatoes, grown in Vegas Bajas of the Guadiana´s river in Spain. Outdoors and in its natural period, from spring to summer and harvested in its optimum state or maduration during the months of august and september. 

Tomatoes harvested in the 2016 seasons have resulted in excepcional color, weather conditions, in the introdution of new varieties of tomato and new proccesing  technologies have provided a high-qulity crushed tomato with more flavor and an excellent red color.

September 2016

Presentation of 20 Kg Bags in Boxes of large size "Big Box"

A new packing is being marketed for the packing of flexible bags of 20 Kg. Different products like Fried Tomato "MARTINETE", Crushed Tomato "MARTINETE" and Tomato Pizza Sauce "MARTINETE" are packed in double corrugated cork boxes with a high paper weight.

The new packing "Big Box"proposed for industrial and catering that consume this type of bags of 20Kg is saving in paperboard and facilitates the storage and recycling of the packing. The "Big Box" has a capacity of 17 bags of 20 kg (340 Kg) and are palletized in 2 Big Box for each EUR pallet. This packing also entails a saving in the handling costs of packing for the industry consumer.

Abril 2013

Conservas Martinete and BIOCOPAC

Conservas Martinete is taking part in the "BIOCOPAC" project in partnership with RTD (Research Centres) and other private enterprises from 5 differents EU countries. The goal of the project is to develop a bio-lacquer for the protection of metal food packaging to meet the demand for sustainable production and for the safeguarding of consumer health, at the same timeincreasing the competitiveness of the metal cans industry, valorising the wastes produced by the preserved industry and reducing refuse.  (see video biocopac). This project has been funded under 7th Framework Programme of Research for benefit of SMEs.